Hello World!

Finally, I am deciding to enter the world of blogging. For a long time I have been sharing my views on Facebook but now I feel that blogging is the way to go, especially for my views on movies and cricket because they are often too long for Facebook statuses (i am sure my friends will vouch for that).

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

A few years back I did not want to study in the US and was inclined towards Chemical Engineering but life is unpredictable and here I am currently pursuing a Computer Engineering degree at Texas A&M and having a decent time. I have no plans as such for my future. I am not sure whether I want to study further or get a job. I am not sure whether I want to go back to India after I get my degree, work in the US or explore other countries. I think everyone’s life should be unpredictable and while we all plan for the next day, month or year, its best to not lose your sleep over it and let life surprise you.

I have been around the world thanks to my dad’s job. I was born in London and have lived in Seoul, Accra, New Delhi, Beijing, Helsinki and now College Station. I have spent approximately 3 years at each place and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity of travelling around and exploring different cultures.

My interests: I am a cricket fanatic and at one point I dreamt of playing for India…. well, I still do but all dreams cannot come true and this will perhaps be one of those. While I do not follow any other sports closely I do enjoy tennis and badminton. Like anyone else, I also enjoy movies (primarily Bollywood).

My idols in life: I am one of those who does have a few idols. Other than my parents, whom I respect a lot for various reasons, if I had to chose three people whom I admire the most, then they would be – Sachin Tendulkar, Hussain Kuwajerwala and Sourav Ganguly. I am a fan of many others but these three are special and extremely close to my heart. While others would disagree, I believe that I am not a blind follower and I am willing to hear criticism for these individuals but it has to be constructive criticism. In fact I don’t believe in taking potshots at any celebrity….. I have argued for people like Sreesanth, Harbhajjan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and many others who have committed mistakes in life but are often targeted for no valid reasons due to their star status.

Another thing that you have probably already realized is that when I start writing I tend to write more than what people might want to read. That is one thing that I find hard to change about myself and I honestly don’t feel like changing it. If you want to know my opinion about or argue with me on a particular issue then be prepared to read long paragraphs.

Well its 5am and I think I should be going to sleep now. You will find out a lot more about me if you continue reading this blog on a regular basis……


6 responses to “Hello World!

  1. Your title of the blog shows the Computer Engineer in you 😛
    So thats one thing you can sure be happy of doing instead of ChemE maybe!

    Anyways try and update it on a regular basis, on days you can’t, inform your follower otherwise you’ll lose a few.

    Good luck 🙂

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