A word on Salman Khan’s Kick

Alright let me make this clear upfront, this is not a review. Salman has clearly told us that there is no point of trying to make sense of him as it is impossible to understand him. He resides in our hearts! Who am I to go against Bhai’s wish? There is no point in analyzing this one and thinking about it from a critic’s point of view. A proper review of Salman’s movies makes little sense because as Rajeev Masand puts it in his “review”: “I didn’t hate it. If that’s enough encouragement, sure, go watch it. But you were going to anyway, right?” People will go watch and the movie will smash all records no matter what the critics have to say.

So let’s come to the point and just talk about my experience of watching Kick. I saw a 12:05am show of Kick in a theater in Houston, Texas. It was not sold out by any means but there was a decent occupancy for a midnight show. Mostly a desi crowd but there were a few Americans and Mexicans too.

So the movie started. The crowd was acting civil as they usually do in American theaters. They put their phones on silent and went dead silent when the movie started. Cut to the first glimpse of Salman on screen and everyone just starts whistling and screaming. “Salluu Bhai” someone yelled out in front of me. “Pandey ji” came from somewhere behind. For a moment I felt irritated and wanted them to be quite so that I could concentrate on the movie but I soon realized that there was no point. This was a 12:05am show of a Salman Khan movie. People had come to enjoy. So I decided to go with the flow and just relish the atmosphere.

And what a great time everyone had. Most scenes were predicted even before you saw them on the screen. But that was the beauty of it. Very few actors can make a film enjoyable even when you know the dialogues and scenes that are coming your way. Salman is definitely one of them.

Despite the nature of the film, it does have its moments of cinematic brilliance. Saurabh Shukla impresses as Jacqueline’s father and his comic timing is top notch. We have found an actor par excellence in Nawazzudin Siddiqui. His dialogue delivery and devilish demeanor is a pleasure to watch. He has a lot to offer to Indian cinema. Salman’s heroines usually do not have an impactful role and it is no different in Kick with Jacqueline. But she does what is required of her. There are many other actors who have small comic roles in the first half and do well.

And what to say about Salman’s performance? He has rediscovered himself since Wanted and he understands what his audience is looking for. They are not there to see Devi Lal Singh or Devil, they are there to see their beloved hero and he never fails to deliver to his audience. He charms as usual, dances like no one’s watching and gives the audience their required Kick of entertainment!

Like Jai Ho, Salman also delivers a social message. It is good to see that he and his directors are making use of his stardom and hopefully making a difference to our society. He has also recently challenged all the other actors to beat him in charity. And he says they can do it.

Kick will break all BO records or at least reach the Dhoom 3 level. Earlier I did not like the fact that such movies do so well while more meaningful films do not get the success they deserve. But I now believe that money flowing into the industry is a good thing! The better these films do, the more we will get to see the so called “parallel cinema”.

So go watch Kick and try not be a critic. That way you will enjoy it more.

Oh just one more thing I forgot to mention. When I walked out of the theater, the Mexicans were humming the tune of Jumme Ki Raat. One desi yelled out to his friend “Pandey ji rukko zara”. There were smiles all around. If the purpose of cinema is to entertain then Salman Khan has done it once again!


5 responses to “A word on Salman Khan’s Kick

  1. Vishal has all ingredients to become a great writer. God bless him.(Capt. KK Khanna’s remarks on your blog)

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