Happy Birthday AAP!

Happy Birthday Aam Aadmi Party!

We have come a long way in the last 2 years. Our critics will continue to say that we have not achieved anything substantial but I personally feel we have achieved a lot. Some of the things that standout to me are:

1. We set the agenda for Delhi Elections 2013: Despite a media blackout for much of early 2013, we started getting coverage towards the end of the year and we were able to set the agenda to corruption and price rise. Our most important achievement was that BJP was forced to project Dr. Harsh Vardhan as it’s CM candidate instead of Vijay Goel.

2. Showed the world that we could win an election: some of our MLAs defeated 3-4 time sitting MLAs. With crowd-sourced funding (20 crore) we were able to win 28 seats in Delhi, and go on to form the government. We showed the skeptics that it was possible to win elections with no money and muscle power. This led to a lot of people from public life joining the Aam Aadmi Party.

3. Our 49 day government: We may have had a perception handling problem, but fact of the matter is that we fulfilled most of our promises. We showed the world that committed individuals can get stuff done and done quickly. I am happy that our leadership has decided to use those 49 days as a positive!

4. Lok Sabha Varanasi elections: In around 45 days, Arvind Kejriwal, our leadership and thousands of volunteers got us more than 2 lakh votes vs the PM candidate of BJP in BJP’s stronghold. We were dealing with a perception problem (after the resignation), the media was hostile, BJP was spending loads and loads of money but our volunteers sweat it out in the heat and got us 2 lakh+ votes. Again, shows that if you have the volunteers, you don’t need that much money. And now with the EC discovering 3 lakh fake votes in Varanasi, it does cast a shadow of doubt on Modi’s victory margin.

5. Lok Sabha elections: 400+ Clean Candidates! People searched and searched to find flaws in our candidates. The max. they got was a few cases of section 144 violation. Other than that, the candidates came clean for the most part. While the results of the Lok Sabha were not great for us, we did get more than 1.2crore voters and a second state in Punjab.

6. MLAs stood by the party: BJP tried it’s level best but our MLAs did not break away. They were offered money, power etc. but they stood by us through that period.

7. Delhi Dialogue: Once again, with Delhi Dialogue we are showing the other political parties how to involve people in a democracy. The suggestions coming in for Delhi Dialogue are amazing and it is in many ways a manifesto created by the people and for the people. If any party has a vision for Delhi, it is the Aam Aadmi Party and sooner or later, people will realize that.

I believe these were some of the milestones in our 2 year journey. I am proud and I think we have grown substantially. We have a vision for Delhi and in the coming years, we have to show top class governance in Delhi and also expand in other states. Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Haryana are some of the states we will be targeting and in another 2 years time, we should have a strong base in most of these states. And who knows, like Punjab, a few other states might surprise us. A long way to go, but we are moving in the right direction 🙂


A short reply for each allegation against AAP

Finally the LG seems to have taken the decision and the Delhi assembly will be dissolved soon. So we will have re-elections in the coming weeks or months based on what the Election Commission decides. I was just thinking about the arguments that we will see in the coming days and decided to come up with a list of what BJP/Congress/Media will have to say against AAP and AK. Let me know if there is anything else that I can add to the list:

1. AK ran away – Yes he resigned because he was not able to pass a bill. Asked for re-elections as soon as possible. Later he apologized to the people of Delhi and said he should have held Mohalla Sabhas for making such a decision.

2. AAP could not fulfill its promises – AAP is the only party who implemented around 50% of its manifesto in just 49 days. Water, electricity, CAG audit, SIT for 1984, abandoning VIP culture, complete mapping of 900 government schools and their requirements, and tried to introduce their biggest promises of Janlokpal and Swaraj bill in the assembly. Lots of other things were also done in the 49 days and a complete list can be found on the Aam Aadmi Party website. As far as fulfilling promises is concerned, when are we getting 15-20 lakhs in our accounts Mr. PM? 100 days? 150? Chalo we will give you some more time. No Problems.

3. AAP is breaking apart – Yes, Anna and KB are not with us . Yes Binny and Shazia left. But so what? We fielded 400+ CLEAN candidates and 1.2crore+ people voted for us in Lok Sabha. And the biggest proof of unity within AAP is that BJP was not able to break any of our MLAs despite offering crores of rupees. I salute such MLAs!

4. AK sat on a dharna – yeah he did. For women safety. Asking for full statehood for Delhi and control over Delhi Police. Modi sat on a dharna in an AC tent a few years back. Jaitley and co tried sitting on a dharna in Varanasi but failed in 2-3 hours.  And a lot of other CMs have protested through a dharna. Big deal?

5. AAP is B team of Congress – Yesterday a Congress representative was saying AAP is B team of BJP. This has been going on ever since the IAC days. In fact at that time if anything we were B team of BJP because we built the public anger against UPA government. Modi should someday thank Anna and the team of IAC for their contribution in BJP’s victory.

6. Foreign funding – I do not need to say much. Just check the links below:

7. AAP has no vision. Only want to spread anarchy – Swaraj. Jan-Lokpal. Honest governance. Transparent funding. Accountability towards the public. Clean candidates. That’s our vision. For more details visit AAP website, search on YT for AK interviews. Read his book on Swaraj. Visit the FB page or Twitter handle of Jagdeep, Jarnail, Somnath, or any other AAP MLA and you will see a sneak peak of AAP’s model of governance.

8. Arvind apologized to Gadkari – False rumors spread my some people on Social Media. He never apologized and will never do so. Here is the explanation behind the meeting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw7Srdb9jE8

9. AAP is going the Congress way and getting into minority appeasement – AAP aims to unite all people and the biggest example of this is the following:

At a Muslim function, some guy asked:
“We are 18 crore, what are you going to do for us ? ”
Arvind replied… “We are not 18 crore.. we are 121 crore.”

Here is the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIhjlwhcJHw

Want to read more about why some people hate Kejriwal and the bias of the media? Read this reply –> http://www.quora.com/Why-do-so-many-Indians-hate-the-AAP-and-Arvind-Kejriwal/answer/Rohit-Nigam-3?srid=iNdH&share=1

Anything else? Any suggestions? I will keep improving and adding to the list.