Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Review

Once again, I do not see a point in describing the plot too much or giving away any spoilers. Here is the trailer –

YJHD has everything that you expect from a Rom-Com by Dharma Productions. The romance, the emotions, the family drama, the cheesy dialogues and of course the big fat Indian wedding. A lot of money has been put into the movie but for once it seems like it was worth it and does not go too much over the top. Like most Rom-Coms the movie has two distinct halves with the first half being high on entertainment value and the second getting a lot more emotional. If you like to laugh, the movie makes you laugh, and if you are one of those who gets sentimental then at times it can also force you to shed a tear or two.

With the role of Bunny, Ranbir Kapoor will only add to his fast growing list of successful roles. The difference between Ranbir and his contemporaries lies in the level of confidence that Ranbir possesses and showcases. Whether it is dancing with a legend like Madhuri or delivering those cheesy dialogues, Ranbir does it all with a high level of self belief and conviction. Standing up to Ranbir is no easy task but Deepika pulls it off and how! She portrays the sweet and innocent side of Naina just as easily as the hot and sexy one and shares great chemistry with Ranbir. Kalki and Aditya Roy Kapoor are aptly cast and do justice to their roles. Both of them have made their own space in the industry and should keep getting good supporting roles.

The fact that my friends and I came back home listening to the songs and I have been listening to them while writing this review shows that they are very catchy and enhance the experience of watching YJHD. Ranbir’s dance in Badtameez Dil stands out, you struggle to take your eyes off Deepika in Balam Pichkari and Madhuri is awesome as usual in Ghagra.

The dialogues of the movie also add to the entertainment quotient and leave an impact.  Dialogues such as “Abbey border ke Sunny Deol! Yeh sangeet hai nach baliye nahi.” make you laugh and are well written and delivered. Also, it will not be surprising if in the coming times you see friends end an argument by saying….yaar tu right nahin hai bas mujhse alag hai.

You walk into the movie knowing what to expect but within a few minutes you are engaged with the characters and having a good time.  YJHD has nothing new to offer but the performances, songs and dialogues are what Ayan Mukerji had in his kitty and he makes full use of them to entertain his audience. Kudos to Ayan Mukherji for this gem!

YJHD is a Rom-Com by all means but it also leaves you with a lot to ponder about on life and friendship. Ever since DDLJ, movies involving holidays with friends keep coming up and from time to time they remind you that there is a lot more to life than just working and making money. Yes there is a difference between ‘real’ life and ‘reel’ life but as one of my good friend often points out, ‘reel’ life stories do not just come out of thin air. They already exist, either in ‘real’ life or in our dreams. And it can never be a mistake to change your dream into a goal.

All in all, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is an entertaining movie and a must watch.

Rating – 4/5